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Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit

TANBead develops many kinds of nucleic acid extraction kits with magnetic beads, extracting genomic DNA or total RNA from different samples, such as blood, cell, tissue, plant and virus etc.. Based on the amount of samples, using the Auto Plate, Auto Kit or Auto Tube, and working with the TANBead fully automated magnetic bead operating platform (Smart LabAssist series), it can work on 1~32 different samples at the same time, which is suitable of use with high throughput testing and R&D units.

Auto Plate
pre-filled 96-well plate, working on a maximum of 32 different samples.
Auto Kit
the bottle kit, loading the reagent in 96-well plate or single tube before testing.
Auto Tube
pre-filled single tube, depend on the testing amount, it work on a maximum of 16 different samples.